The Brothers Kidd

Enjoy live acoustic music with vocals, guitar, and percussion by musicians and  brothers Derek and Roger Kidd.  The Brothers Kidd perform in Salem, Oregon and the greater Willamette Valley.

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Derek Kidd, lead guitar and vocals
Derek Kidd, lead guitar and vocals

The Brothers Kidd play a wide range of musical styles – from rock and country to folk and blues.  The duo has a small space footprint and can either play at a very unobtrusive volume for receptions or can pick up the tempo and energy level for parties. The Brothers Kidd entertain guests at a range of venues, including Redhawk Winery & Vineyard, Taproot, Ankeny Vineyard, and Coria Estates.   

Photo by Rick Clingman
Roger Kidd, percussion and vocals

Derek and Roger Kidd both started playing their respective instruments (guitar and drums) at an early age.  Although they played in separate bands for many years, they always had fun jamming together whenever they had the chance.  Derek primarily played solo acoustic gigs, while Roger leaned toward playing rock, jazz, and teaching drums.   For the past three years, the brothers have been playing together as a duo at various locations throughout the Salem area in Oregon.

Like The Brothers Kidd on Facebook!  If you’d like to book The Brothers Kidd for your event, please contact Roger at: or call 503-808-0418.  

Roger and Derek Kidd playing at Taproot Cafe and Lounge.